Skill development enables the socio-economic mobility of workers, also facilitates professional/educational progression. An outcomes-based approach is integral to the RPL that recognizes skills of workers irrespective of the methods/inputs utilized.

While there is an urgent need for skill-based training for jobs across the country, the absence of sufficient training avenues prevents the existing workforce to acquire skill training through formal channels. As a result, most of the skill acquisition takes place through informal channels such as family occupation, on-the-job training under master craftsman, etc. Reconciling these issues is at the core of RPL framework and our vision of conducting this survey program.

The survey and orientation program enabled the organizers (Industry / Training providers) to understand how to mobilize the target group , how to schedule the program , motivating them to participate  during the program , whom to be invited as industrial resource for the program , learn to move will the group , to know what  the basic expectation  of the participant and sharing the best solutions to enhance the skills of doing smart business.

The recently conducted Pre Survey orientation program in Rajasthan state covering 17 Blocks of Men and women folks at tier 3 remotest locations and it was a wonderful experience for us.

  • Bhadsora
  • Dungarpur
  • Kushalgarh
  • Antali
  • Shambhugarh
  • Gulabpura
  • Nasirabad
  • Pali
  • Banswara
  • Shahpura

The Objective of the program was:

  • To impart the market & Industry knowledge and requirements
  • To create successful Entrepreneur’s / Employee

Apart from this we have attempted for an innovative and visionary approach by implementing this      Pre survey orientation RPL program by the following linkages to the participant’s …..

  • Credit Linkages through local Cooperative banks
  • Business Tie up based on the profession they do
  • Obtaining Statuary compliance & license from Local Authorities to give ease of doing business
  • Digital Payment and transaction implementation and awareness

The Program well received by the target group and also had very good Interaction with the local Industry / Linkage partners like Banks , Business institutions , Local Authorities and Digital payment vendors are invited to the program which has really helped the target group to erase there mental myths / Blocks in their minds , In fact the resource invitees also presented the session in an interesting manner providing knowledgeable information making the participants to interact and clarify their  doubts  .

We have also obtained a wonderful experience during this Pre Survey Orientation program like we also organized programs in tin shed places and in certain places the local village. All the places, the participants are very supportive to learn the essential parts of curriculum.

Women in India generally face when looking for a job, earning livelihood and supporting family spells dire consequences. While interacting with such rural women folks from weaker background, we realized that there was great enthusiasm and a spirit to learn the skills of boosting their small business and thereby earn more money and respect in the society. Therefore we started discussions with local authorities, traders, industries to join hands and make this initiative a success.

The following were our initiatives ….

  • We have arranged Credit Linkage with local cooperative banks & MFI’s
  • Business tie up on food product and others are in the process like Vegetables , Fruits , Dress making and selling , Groceries ,etc.,
  • Arranged statuary compliance and license with Local Authorities enabling the participant’s to do their business in a hassle free manner.
  • Digital Payment tie up like linking their accounts through Aadhar , live demonstration of money transfer/receiving within the trainees.

We also extend our deepest thanks to RASCI to guide us in every step and help us change the lives of the small entrepreneurs .